SSC Board Question
  • Dhaka Bord 2017

    English : Second Paper

    Time : 3 hours Subject Code : 108

    Part A : Grammar (Marks-60)

    1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. you may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once..5x10=5

    on rote to proper
    by then a speak

    Learning is (a)-- continuous process. Learning a language depends on a process based (b) --language skills. we need to practice four skills (c) -- learn a language (d) -- .We learn by listening (e) -- reading and writing. But we have to learn not by (f) -- but by understanding. We know that (g) -- child starts to learn its mother tongue (h) -- listening and lipsing and (i) -- speaking. Native (i) -- learn their language easily by listening and speaking.

    2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words..5x10=5

    Every student want to do well (a) -- the examination. But it is not (b) -- easy task. A student has to work (c) -- for this. from the very (d) -- of the year, he must be serious. He should read the (e) --books again and again. he must not memorize answers (f) -- understanding. He must not make note (g) -- a Common source. he should have a good command (h) -- English. By doing all(i) -- thing, a student can hope to make (j) -- excellent result.

    3. Make five meaningfl sentence using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.1x5=5

    Rural people depends


    mosil illiterate
    Bangladesh the devolopment of the villages
    our villages undevolopment though they are the heart of the country
    Rural devolopment a land of villages
    So, prosperity of the country on the welfare of the vilages

    4. Change the narrative style of the following text..5x10=5

    " Good morning can I help you ?" said the manager . "Yes I was told to come over hem to get a parking sticker. Is the right place ? " said the lady. "Yes, it is. What's the registration number of your car ? " said the manager.

    5. Change the narrative stylle of the following text. 5

    "Good morning, can i help you?" said the Manager. "Yes, I was told to come over here to get a parking sticker. Is this the right place?" said the lady. "Yes, it is. What's the registration number of your car?" said the manager

    6. Change the sentences according to the directions1x10=10

    (a) Mother Teresa is an icon to many people (Make it interrogative sentence)

    (b) She is respected by everybody. (Make it active)

    (c) She is one of the greatest persons of the world. (Make it positive)

    (d) She was very kind to the needy and the ill-fated.(Make it nagative )

    (e) She believes that charity is a great virtue.(Make it compound sentence)

    (f) Actually mother Teresa was a nobel hearted person. (Make it complex sentence)

    (g) Mother Teresa was a very passionate woman.(Make it an exclamatory sentence)

    (h) She helped those who were hrlpless. (Make it a simple sentence)

    (i) She set up "Nirmal Hridoy" at Kolkata.(Make it a compound sentence)

    (j) Who does not know about the charity of mother Teresa? (Make it assertive)

    7. Complete the sentences. 1x5=5

    (a) There goes a proved that -- .

    (b) Though lost wealth can be regained by hard work lost time -- .

    (c) Time is so valuable that -- .

    (d) Those who -- cannot shine in life.

    (e) --, you must be successful.

    8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis..5x10=5

    Flowers are the symbol of love and (a) -- (pure). They are (b) -- (know) for their beauty and fragrance. Same flowers are (c) -- (note) for their fragrance and same are for their beauty. But the rose is favourite to us for its colour and beauty. Its mother place is the city of paris. The (d) -- (japan) are exceptionally famous for its (e) -- (cultivate). At present most of the countries grow rose in plenty. It (f) -- (general) grows from June to November.. Its scent makes us (g) -- (cheer). It makes people lively, lovely, (h) -- (affection) and so on. By (i) -- (grow) roses in plenty, we can export them and solve our (j) -- (employ) problem.

    9. Make tag questions of the following statements. 1x5=5

    (a) Telling lies is a great sin, -- ?

    (b) One lie begets hundred lies, -- ?

    (c) Man hardly believes a lair, -- ?

    (d) A lair has to lead a miserable life, -- ?

    (d) So, all of us ought to refrain from telling lies,-- ?

    10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors. 1x5=5

    We know that trees are essential for all kinds of creatures. They give us not only food (a) -- oxygen. The protect us from natural calamities. (b) -- , they are called the saviour of our environment. (c) -- many people are not aware of this. They cut down trees randomly. (d) --, forest lands are shrinking. (e) -- people go on cutting down trees, one day there well be no trees left for us.

    11. The capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text. 5

    In a certain school a student once found a one hundred taka note in the play ground he took it to his teacher what shall I do with it asked the teacher

    Part B : Composition (Marks-40)

    12. Suppose, You are Touhid Hasan/ Tania Akter. You have passed HSC and taken a one year diploma on Computer. You have found a vacancy advertisement published in "The Daily Azadi" for the post of " A Receptionist" in Medical Centre Hospital, Chittagong. Now, Write a CV with a Cover letter for the post. Your CV should not excees one page. 8

    13. Suppose, you are sakib Ahmed/ Sabrina Chowdhury and you are a student of Rangpur Zilla school, Rangpur. You know learning computer is a must for all nowadays. But there is no computer club in your school. Now, write an application to the Headmaster of your school for opening a computer club as early as possible10

    14. A rickshaw puller is a very familiar figure in our country. He plays a great role in our communication system. But he leads a very miserable life for financial problem. Now , write a paragraph in 150 words on "The life of a rickshaw puller". 10

    15. Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. Every seasons has its own special aspects. You have a great attraction for one of the seasons. Now, write a composition on "The seasons you like most". (250 words) 12