SSC Board Question
  • Comilla Board 2017

    English : Second Paper

    Time : 3 hours Subject Code : 108

    Part A : Grammar (Marks-60)

    1.Fill in the blanks with words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some words. You may need to use one word than once..5x10=5

    between saying physical of on
    participation personality for an beneficial

    Sports are very essential (a) ____ us. There are various types (b) ____ sports. Among them cricket , football, volleyball , swimming etc. are very popular. All types of sports are (c) ____ to us. There is relation (d) ____ the body and the mind. "A sound of mind lives in a sound body" , is a wise (e) ____ In order to win success in life , we should have a sound health which depends(f) ____regular (g) ____ in game and sports , Sports keep us (h) ____ fit. Sports exercise is (i) ____important influence in forming one’s (j) ____.

    2.Fill in the blanks with suitable words..5x10=5

    The Eiffel Tower was named (a) ____ Gustavo Effiel , a Frenchman who built (b) ____ Tower. He graduated from the Central School of Engineering in parts and went to work for a railway (c) ____ company . For years Gustave made plan (d) ____ plain of dams, factories , stations and structures of great size . All (e) ____ Europe engineers copied them. In the middle of 1880 a group of French instrialists persuade the government to organize (f) ____ World’s Fair (g) ____ Paris. Gustave Eiffel proposed a 989 foot tower of iron as aynbol of the (h) ____ Forty engineering and designers under Eiffel’s (i) ____ worked for two years. It was(j) ____ highest structure yet made by man.

    3. Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.1x5=5

    Mount Everest

    But climbing

    the Everest

    might be


    difficult and dangerous
    because of snow.
    exciting and challenging to them.
    the climbers always
    in the Himalayan
    snow slides and cracks under ice

    4.Complete the following text with right forms of verbs given in the box..5x10=5

    Prepare maintain form success get
    influence should use be call

    Student life (a)_____ a golden season of life. This (b) _____the time when we should (c) _____ ourselves for future . The very habits (d) _____ in the sudent life (e) _____ the later phases of life. Right from the student life , they (f) _____ be careful in (g) _____ discipline. They should (h) _____ their time properly. If they do not use their time , they will not (i) _____in life.They should (j) _____punctual from the very beginning of their student life.

    5.Change the narrative style the following text. 5

    The teacher said to t5he boy,"Do you know that honesty is the best policy? "The boy said , " Yes sir , I think so. " "Then learn tyo be honest from your boyhood , " said the teacher . "Thank you , Sir " said the boy. "May Allah grant you a long life, " said the teacher to boy.

    6. Change the sentences according to the direction. 1x10=10

    (a) Haji Mohammod Mohsin was more generous than any other man in this subcontinents.( Positive)

    (b) He was born in Hoogly.(complex)

    (c) He inherited in a vast property from his father and sister.(Interrogative)

    (d) He did not misuse this wealth (Passive)

    (e)He is called a friend of humanity.(Active)

    (f) He didn’t marry.(Affirmative)

    (g) During his life time, he spent money lavishly to help the poor.(Copound)

    (h) He was very kind to the poor.(Negative)

    (i) One night when he was saying his prayer , a their broke into his room.(Simple)

    (j) He caught the thief but didn’t punish him.(Complex)

    7. Complete the sentences . 1x5=5

    (a) This si Bangladesh____.

    (b) The people of Bangladesh are friendly though____.

    (c) When anyone falls in danger , others____.

    (d) We love and help one another as if, ____.

    (e) We work seriously in order that Bangladesh____.

    8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the words given in the parenthesis..5x10=5

    Trees are (a) ____ (use) to man in many ways. They are companion in our day to day life. It is (b) ____ (possible) to build our homes, furniture etc. Without trees. Trees save us from flood and (c) ____ (nature) calamities. It (d) ____ (strength) the soil. If we cut trees (e) ____ (discriminately) there will bd ecological (f) ____ (balanced). So tree (g) ____ (plant) programme should be extended for a better , (h) ____ (happy), (i) ____ (healthy) life and (j) ____ (peace) environment.

    9. Make tag questions of the following statements. 1x5=5

    (a) Most of students who fail in English do not have strong foundation on grammar ,____ ?

    (b)No, they read only pass the examination, ____ ?

    (c) Yes, teacher should motivate them to learn the basic thing, ____?

    (d) Yes, they can not help learning grammar, ____?

    (e) No, moreover , practice is essential too, ____?

    10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors. 1x5=5

    21 February is a red letter day in our national history. It is our pride (a) ____ no nation of the world has ever fought for its language the way we fought. So it has been now declared as the International Mother Language Day. The proposal has been passed unanimously in the General Assembly of the the UNESCO (b) ____ some country pointed out (c) ____ the incident of 21st is related to the Banglees only . (d) ____ , the recognition of the day, (e) ____ the International Mother Language Day by UNESCO has upheld the prestige of Banglees all over the world.

    11.Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following.


    how daring you are to wake me up the lion roared i shall kill you for that please learn go the mouse cried i did not mean to wake you up.

    Part B : Composition (Marks-40)

    12.Suppose, you are Emomn , you have obtained MA Degree from the University of Dhaka ABC School is going to recruit some assistant teachers. Now, write a CV with a cover letter for the post. You CV shouldn’t exceed one page.
    Now a write a CV with a cover letter for the post. Your CV should not exceed one page. 8

    13. Imagine , you are Arafat Rahman, a student of Rajuk High School , Shylet , there is no computer club in your school. Now, on behait of the students of your school write an application to your Headmaster to set up a computer club in your school. 10

    14. Suppose, you have visited the Amor Ekushey Boimela this Year and had an experience. Write a paragraph on "Your Visite to Book Fair". 10

    15. Write a composition on "A Journey you have recently enjoyed". 12